ENIGMA TOURS in Rennes le Chateau
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ENIGMA TOURS in Rennes le Chateau

A magical journey into the past

We offer you historical guided bespoke day-trips, half-day tours and talks in Rennes-le-Château and the environment. We are also available for transfers, lunches and Pique Niques.

Since 2020 we are also providing appartements. For further informationen have a look on our website mm-apartments.eu.

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Discover the mystery, the history and the treasure of Rennes-le-Château

The little hilltop village Rennes-le-Château – where the priest Bérenger Saunière lived a very unusual life – is filled with more secrets than you could imagine.

The place is a melting pot of ancient cultures such as Isis and the Mystery Schools, the Celtic wisdom of the Druids, the gnostic beliefs of the Cathars, and the secret of the mystical order of the Knights Templar.

The conspiracy theory involving the Priory of Sion and the bloodline of Jesus and Mary Magdalene in combination with the royal dynasty of the Merovingians completes a circle leading back to Bérenger Saunière.

He dedicated his special church and his spectacular properties to Our Lady – Mary Magdalene.

The most popular day trip “Rennes le Château” and its surroundings

The tour begins in Alet les Bains with a visit to the medieval town with its ancient ramparts. You will see the Jewish Quarter, the central market square, the Basilica and the home of Nostradamus' family, where hidden codes can be found carved into the ancient timbers.

There will be a welcome opportunity to visit the Source and fill bottles with excellent natural spring water.

Before we leave for Rennes le Château, we will take you to a small idyllic island on the river Aude and offer you a typical French aperitif with a choice of either spring water, pastis or Cremant de Limoux.

Lunch can be enjoyed in Rennes le Château.

Then you will be told the heart of the story. The mystery of Bérenger Saunière seems to be closely connected with knowledge about the life of Jesus and Mary Magadlene, and so gave birth to the secret of Rennes le Château.

With this knowledge, we will first visit the church, dedicated to Mary Magdalene, and then the domain of Bérenger Saunière: the museum, the Villa Bethany and the Tour Magdala.

After the opportunity for stimulating discussion you will be brought back to your hotel at 6 pm.

It is sure to be an experience that you will remember for a long time!

Merci, Adieu et Au Revoir.


Maria Magdalena Apartments

In the heart of Rennes le Château, near the famous church dedicated to Maria Magdalena and the Bérenger Saunière Museum, there are two apartments. The former private garden of Bérenger Saunière, now the garden restaurant "Le Jardin de Marie" is right next door.

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Enigma Tours

In their historically well researched programmes, Enigma Tours brings you together with the breathtaking scenery and gourmet cuisine of southern France and also with the local people of this culture.


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